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Posies for the People

Posies for the People

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We are excited to present Posies for the People!

This little initiative is our farm's small way of investing in a future of true equity for people of all colors & races. This is the next step in our commitment to contribute to Black food & land sovereignty, inclusive agriculture and the eradication of white supremacy & violence against the Black community.
It's us, Alex & Casey, trying to put our money where our mouth is.

Here's how it works...

Once a month, we'll have 'Posies for the People' listed on our online farmstore alongside vegetables & flowers. You can add 1 (or 2, or 5, or 17) to your order. 

Every purchase of a Posey translates into 2 things:
  1. money we will pass on to a rotating selection of local & national organizations 
  2. flowers that we donate to local establishments. 

Where the money will go:

After a fair amount of research, we've selected the following agencies & causes for our collective donations:

  • National Black Food & Justice Alliance -a collective centered around organizing for land stewardship & fairer food system
  • The Okra Project - they bring home cooked, healthy & culturally specific meals/ resources to Black Trans People all over the U.S.
  • 40 Acres & A Mule Project -Chef Adrian Lipscombe's campaign to buy 40 acres of farmland devoted to growing food & preserving Black foodways
  • Black Lives Matter-- formed after the murder of Trayvon Martin to eradicate white supremacy & support the power of local communities to intervene in violence inflicted on Black people
  • Hitchcock Community Center - this important hub is only a few miles from the farm.  After speaking to trusted local friends, we learned that there's an ongoing endeavor to repair & renovate this building, which in non-Coronavirus times is a staple for the community. 
Where the flowers will go:
Bayou Pines Care Center - this nursing home is located in La Marque, only a short jog from our house. We're so excited to provide some color & beauty for the senior residents living at Bayou Pines!

As with all new endeavors, we expect that some elements of this plan might evolve over time, but it is our intention that Posies for the People is an initiative for the long haul. We'll keep it going in perpetuity, and we welcome your insight & feedback for how to make it better.