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About Moon Dog Farms

We believe that sustainable agriculture is the best way to provide for people’s needs in a non-extractive way. We strive to provide fresh produce and flowers while also leaving the land in better shape than we found it.


About Casey & Alex

We met in college, both pursuing decidedly non-farmy studies, but several twists and turns over the next few years led us to working in New York and North Carolina for several different farmers. We quickly found that managing a farm appealed to our sense of adventure, our passion for the outdoors, and the challenge/joy of working together.

After an extraordinarily generous offer from some family members, we moved to Galveston County in December 2012 and started Moon Dog Farms that very next year. With a handful of radish seeds, some pretty crummy soil and a lot of unearned bravado, we set out to do our best.

Since then, Casey has taken the helm of Galveston’s Own Farmers Market as Executive Director. Under her leadership, the organization has expanded its programming now including school gardens, community cooking classes and initiatives to increase food access.

Alex now grows a lot more than radishes. The farm has grown exponentially with the addition of team members, infrastructure and an unexpected penchant for flower production.

2019 brought us our best harvest ever, in the form of Hazel Clementine. She can’t drive the tractor yet, but she shows a lot of potential.