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The Moon Dog Farms Difference

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Moon Dog Farms is a first-generation Certified Naturally Grown family farm in Santa Fe, Texas.

Our practices are "beyond organic," meaning we use a variety of age-old methods to grow food and maintain our fields, such as cover cropping, integrated pest management, composting, inter-planting and good old-fashioned hand-weeding.

CNG follows the same standards as Certified

USDA Organic. This means we never use synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones or genetically modified organisms.

CNG is a certification program tailored to fit small farms such as ours, allowing us to grow slowly and sustainably in a way that fits our values and means.
Learn more about Certified Naturally Grown here.

We are proud to belong to an organization that encourages collaboration, transparency and community involvement. The farms of CNG are committed to healthy food, healthy soils and healthy neighborhoods, which suits us just fine.



Certified Naturally Grown