Moon Dog Farms

Certified Naturally Grown family farm growing fruits, vegetables & flowers in the Texas Gulf Coast

MoonDog Farms is dedicated to stewardship of the land, reinforcing a healthy community and producing great food.  

During your rental:

  • Your coop and chickens will be delivered for free within 30 miles of the farm (Santa Fe, TX). Beyond that, there will be a fee of $1 per mile, roundtrip. At the time of your delivery, we will provide a tour of the coop, verbal instructions on how to care for your girls and a copy of _______.
  • You should check on your chicken coop everyday.
    • During their most productive months, your chickens will lay an egg a day each. You should collect eggs everyday and discard any eggs that sit in the coop longer than 24 hours.
    • The feed and water dishes are large enough to last for 3 days, but when you are home, their feed and water should be checked daily.
    • The bedding in the nesting box should be changed at least once weekly.
    • The coop can be moved as often as every day, but should be moved at least once weekly.
    • During hot, sunny days, at least partial shade should be provided for your chickens.The customer is responsible for maintaining the health and well-being of the chickens.
    • The chickens must always have access to clean water.
  • Moon Dog Farms does not guarantee that the hens will lay an egg every day- they lay less in the winter months- and laying is not always consistent.
  • Chickens are a tempting meal or game to nearly all other animals. The rental coop provided is as safe as we can make it and the chickens should always be safely locked in at night. You are welcome to let the chickens out during the day, but you must be aware of dogs (your own and your neighbors'), raccoons, opossums, hawks, skunks, owls,coyotes and any other predatory-type animals.   Do not be fooled by the size of a chihuahua---even small animals with the instinct to hunt and chase can kill a chicken.

    • If you lose a chicken, we will replace it for free, providing the death is obviously not due to neglect.
    • If a chicken is lost due to neglect we will replace it for a $40 fee. Please note that the second time you lose a chicken to a predator in your backyard, that will be deemed neglectful.
    • We reserve the right to terminate a rental agreement if we determine there is pervasive neglect or predator issues.
  • If you are going on vacation:

    • make sure your feed dish and water dish are full and your chickens will be fine inside their coop for 3 days
    • If you are going away for longer you may ask a neighbor or friend to check on the chickens. However, if a chicken dies during this time, the $40 fee will be applied.
    • If you are going away for longer, Moon Dog Farms provides a “chicken sitting” service. Depending on the situation, we will either come and check on them or we will pick up the coop and then return it when you are home. The cost for this is $75 for the first week and $50 for each week after that.
  • Moon Dog Farms also provides Premium services including weekly visits, additional consultations, classes, etc. Please contact us for pricing.

The Legal Stuff:

  • The customer is solely responsible for assuring that they meet any local and county regulations relating to keeping chickens on their property. Certain towns have specific Chicken Laws and Ordinances as well as fees and permits.

  • A person 18 or older must be at home to accept delivery and sign your rental agreement. We will set up your coop, introduce you to your chickens, give you a tour of their rental home and give you a brief training session on how to care for your chickens.

  • Moon Dog Farms is not responsible for any damages or injuries caused by the renting or buying of our chickens or chicken coops.

  • The rental coop must be returned in a good, rent-able condition which will be determined by our Moon Dog Farms staff. Your coop will be assessed at the end of your rental period. Any damage to the coop outside of normal wear and tear will be deducted from the security deposit collected at the beginning of the rental term.

  • You have the right to terminate your rental agreement at anytime. We will schedule a pickup within 5 days of your cancellation. Any pre-paid rental fees will be forfeit.

  • By placing a reservation and making payment you are acknowledging you have read and agree to the Rental Terms and Conditions listed here.