Moon Dog Farms

Certified Naturally Grown family farm growing fruits, vegetables & flowers in the Texas Gulf Coast

MoonDog Farms is dedicated to stewardship of the land, reinforcing a healthy community and producing great food.  


Curious about having backyard chickens but worried about the commitment or building the coop? 

Moon Dog Farms is happy to introduce Yard Birds, a new program that allows you to take pleasure in raising happy, healthy hens while taking out all the guesswork! Yard Birds is a perfect choice whether you're interested in a unique pet, hoping to teach your children about the origins of food or simply want the freshest organic eggs only a backdoor away.

What is Yard Birds?

Our rental service allows you to try out backyard chickens without taking the full plunge by yourself. It's perfect for beginners or those who'd like support in their new venture.  Try it a month at a time or sign up for 6-month/1 year packages, with the option to either cancel your rental or adopt your chickens at any time!

Yard Birds provides all the supplies you need: 

  • portable & safe chicken coop
  • 2 egg-laying hens
  • nesting boxes
  • Organic, non-GMO feed
  • water & feed dishes
  • bedding & treats
  • one of our favorite easy-to-follow guidebooks

Learn about the cost of Yard Birds here.

Why should I rent instead of buy?

  • Renting is optimal for those who travel often, wish to try out a backyard operation before setting up their own or for families seeking a fun & educational hands-on experience 

  • Yard Birds provides all necessary materials  so you don't have to buy or build anything

  •  24-hour support to help with any problems, big or small

  • We'll provide replacement chickens should you run into problems

  • You may cancel at any time

    •  Should you find you're too busy/uninterested in the chickens, just call us and we'll  come pick them up--no questions asked!

  • “Chicken sitting” available for long trips

  • Premium services available for those who want to learn more or work less

  • Rent-to-own allows you to buy your chickens and the coop and receive credit for any rental fees paid once your rental period is over