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MoonDog Farms is dedicated to stewardship of the land, reinforcing a healthy community and producing great food.  

Who ARE these kids?

It truly boggles.

If you'd handed me a nice camera when I was any age between 13 and 17----wait, scratch that.  NO ONE would've willingly handed me a nice camera when I was a teenager, as I was consistently on a klutz rampage to destroy all gadgetry in my path; I believe I killed or lost at least 6 cameras during my early adolescence.  

So many theme park bathrooms, so many stepped-on lenses.

I've been trying to get a good picture of the myriad dragonflies out here for days, and this gal gets the perfect one right away!

photo (c) Britney Casey 2013

However, if you had handed me a camera, given me license to walk around some bucolic setting and said, "go," I can promise you I'd never have turned out anything near as skilled or beautiful as the photos as those produced by the vanful of camper teens who tramped around our farm this Tuesday.

 And it's a stretch to call the farm bucolic.  Truly, it was hot. The farm looks...rough. The cucumbers and the okra are going strong--they love this dagnabbed heat. But the flowers, the greens, the tomatoes...they feel the stretch. They feel that crunchy, browning, isn't -it-time-for- a-waterbreak-yet? sweater of humid heat.

Yet, it seems not to matter one whit once you see the images taken by these young adults.  Again, it was students from Texas A&M Galveston's Seacamp, led by instructor Robert Mihovil. And again, just like the group during the last visit, they blew me away with their abilities. 

Thank you, SeaCamp---y'all truly did us a gorgeous favor.

 (c) Nina Klouda 2013 I can't believe Nina managed to make us look poignant. 
 (c) Nina Klouda 2013

I can't believe Nina managed to make us look poignant. 

We're lucky ducks to have these good things happen to us. And we are thankful for it. Nice people say nice things about us, friendly teenagers take excellent photos of our hardscrabble farm, good people eat the good food we grow, sisters come to visit, and we have the gift of farming in the cool mornings with the sunrise and in the evenings with the sunset.

No need to worry that those are the only times we work.

Or that said sister is a master operator when it comes to persuading us that the farmday should begin with a coffeecup and a seat during that sunrise and a beer and a...well, you guessed it-- a seat, during that sunset. Start there, then get to work.

But really, why would we worry about that? 

Alex's sister Beth brought so much joy to the farmday.  

Alex's sister Beth brought so much joy to the farmday.