Moon Dog Farms

Certified Naturally Grown family farm growing fruits, vegetables & flowers in the Texas Gulf Coast

MoonDog Farms is dedicated to stewardship of the land, reinforcing a healthy community and producing great food.  

A fog of buzz...

Praise the heavens, the rain came.

Puddles abound, the gauge reads high and, if that's not enough evidence that the farm universe is happy you need only pick your way through monster vegetable rows amongst weeds that have gone the way of total jungle and experience the swarms of mosquitoes like a fog of buzz.  

Soggy land, but well-watered!

Soggy land, but well-watered!

The blasted heat deters you from wearing a hazmat suit when it comes to facing off with the skeeters, but if that's what happens when it rains,

I welcome the drone.

Just before this rainstorm, we pulled up some tomatoes that weren't faring too well. There was much grumbling from this guy. 

McFarmer and I managed a few days away from the farm for an impromptu vacation with family in the Hill Country. Plans to float the Guadalupe and maintain a stasis of complete relaxation were discarded and fulfilled respectively--from nearly the moment we arrived to the morning we drove away the sky opened up and poured rain on Comal County, forcing us indoors away from flash floods and lightning but towards books, hottubs and naps. 

It was amazing. And a relief.

For not only was it fortuitously raining on our vacation parade, but rain was finally giving some love to the farm we'd (with no small reticence) left behind for 3 days.

Your shirt works just fine when the buckets are on the other side of the farm.

We returned to squash seedlings doubled in size, rejuvenated kale plants with fresh new growth, new cucumber and watermelon beds with their soft cotyledons peeking through the soil, an irrigation pond a few inche higher and---I know I gave my qualification, but it really does bear repeating---clouds of fist-sized mosquitoes. 

New flushes of life always follow rain, and aside from the yummy vegetables that got a much-needed boost, my favorite post-rain growth is one particular flower. Roemer's Sensitive Briar, a kind of touch-me-not, has spread like a pink-puffball wildfire across the fields. They were in abundance beforehand, but now everywhere you look is colored with a Seussian tinge. 

I wasn't familiar with this gorgeous native plant before coming here, but she's been brightening my day for months now. Spying this magical little flower always feels like a secret to me. A really good one.

And this is what it's like, this attempt to grow,control and protect life in a hot, harsh place. It's joyful, it's nerve-wracking, it's folly and, when a good rain finally soaks the earth--it's remarkable.   

 And, of course, filled with the buzz of mosquitoes.

Mimosa roemeriana, our friendly touch-me-not.