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Where does the time go?

Although it seems unlikely that the blogosphere or other more tangible spheres noticed my little dip into absentia these past few weeks, I was a bit shocked to see that I had in fact not attended to the blog since early November.

Egads, what will our 4 readers do with themselves? :)

McFarmer pulls up one of the oilseed radishes that make up our covercrop in the old summer field.  The are indeed frighteningly (and awesomely) huge.

The truth is, although this space is ostensibly for sharing our farm's triumphs and travails with others, what it's really become is a few quiet moments in which I have to reflect for myself.

I'm required to think on where the farm is, what we've done and where we'll be, how we feel. A collection of observations, memories and images---ladybug tucked into a pear blossom, sunset over the hayfields--become a semi-readable journal entry, a cataloged recollection of our farm's growth. 

It's pretty great. For me at least.

I know things must have been out-of-whack when I look back and see that either 1) I was too busy/manic to sit down at the computer and bang out that contemplative goodness I mentioned, or b) we were off-farm so much that writing the farm blog would be strange in its non-farminess.  In this case, it happens to be both. 

The days leading up to Thanksgiving were filled with cleaning in the orchard; trimming and weedeating to McFarmer's heart's content. We weeded new carrot beds that will sleep until January and February, began to clear the older summer fields of the detritus of a spent-season. T-posts were yanked out, trellis rolled and stored, drip-tapes removed and stored. 

As for these past two weeks, McFarmer and I were barely at the farm. Travel for Thanksgiving and then a lovely mini-trip to Colorado for more family, skiing and delicious, delicious relaxation meant crossing our fingers and being extra thankful for the currently-empty greenhouse. 

A little taste of the South while enjoying the winter wonderland.

But now we're back, it's wonderfully chilly and gray, and as of yesterday that empty greenhouse has almost 2,000 seeds tucked in, starting their journey towards Spring.

Things are very good--family is near, lettuce is bountiful, and ideas for the new year are already beginning to dance above our heads like sugarplums.

We wish you a lovely holiday season, filled with equal parts delicious relaxation and joyful, bustling work.