Moon Dog Farms

Certified Naturally Grown family farm growing fruits, vegetables & flowers in the Texas Gulf Coast

MoonDog Farms is dedicated to stewardship of the land, reinforcing a healthy community and producing great food.  

Alex and Casey met in college, and after graduating with various liberal arts degrees found themselves living and working in Austin, Texas. An interest in local agriculture paired with a childhood informed by backyard tomatoes led them to read more and more about the current state of farming in our country, which led  to becoming stalwart supporters of their own local farmers' market.

The desire for adventure and to learn first-hand what farming was really about put a camper on the bed of their truck and their dog in the backseat, and they were off to work on an organic farm in upstate New York. It was there, after working several seasons, that the latent, sun-soaked farmer within awoke and thought,  

 "Hey, we could do this." 

A parcel of family land in Texas became known to them at that time, but they were still woefully naive and needed more skills, more knowledge. They moved to North Carolina for two years and worked for several organic farms full-time while Alex went back to school, earning a degree in Sustainable Agriculture.

 And although they're still laughably green, they settled in to their coastal Texas home in January of 2013, and have been working hard and enjoying themselves ever since.